COBE-MFLP02 Magnetic Flux Leakage Detector

COBE-MFLP02 Magnetic Flux Leakage Detector

COBE-MFLP02 combination the function of magnetic flux leakage detection to solve the human factors of magnetic particles testing and penetrate testing methods, through the magnetization and testing of complete body with the use of magnetic devices to improve detection accuracy and reliability, reducing the human factors, simplified testing process, reduce testing costs.  

Meet the standards: American Petroleum Industry Standard API-5 GB / T 12606-1999 Pipe Magnetic Flux Leakage Testing Method   


Main Technical Data

 Detection channels: 48

 Real-time trace memory 16 signals

 A variety of magnetic methods: AC, DC, mixed-type

 Detection speed :10-30M / min

 Detection Thickness (45 # steel) :10-30mm;

 Maximum lift-off height: 5mm

 Gain: 0 ~ 99dB continuously adjustable 0.1dB step

 DSP digital filtering: Low-pass: 10hz ~ 10000hz, high-pass: 0hz ~ 2000hz