COBE-ETP03MDS Metal material sorter

COBE-ETP03MDS Metal material sorter

COBE-ETP03MDS Metal material sorter with a 50Hz to 10MHz frequency range, able to cope with all sorts of metal piping sorting  ,many different kinds of alarm model, fast digital / automatic electronic balance. Therefore, it can establish standards for the detection and the users can change the specifications of different materials.


Main Technical Data:

 Inspection passages1 ~8

 Frequency range: 50 Hz ~ 10 MHz

 Gain range: 0 ~ 99dB continuously adjustable, the work of each file 0.5dB step

 Phase Rotation: 0 ~ 359 ° continuously adjustable, precision 1 °.

 Detection speed :1-3S/Pc

 Adjustable probe stimulus, 1-8

 Fast digital / analog electronic balance

 Has a unique non-constant-amplitude phase / amplitude domain Alarm

 Many display methodimpedance,  time base

 Digital Filter: Low-pass: 0hz ~ 2000hz, high-pass: 0hz ~ 2000h;

 Real-time alarm output, alarm output delay

 Acousto-optic alarm output

 With excision termination/ tail-end signal function

 Mass storage can store a variety of testing procedures and test data

 Automatically record and display the defects and their position

Automatically generate inspection reports(including the number of inspection, acceptance number and rejection number

 Operating Language: Chinese, English