COBE-ETP0205 Metal Corrosion Detector

COBE-ETP0205 Metal Corrosion Detector

Main Technical Data

There is no need to polish the weld, remove the surface corrosion and clean the metallic surface , and also there is no need couplant.

Can test the inside and outside corrosion flaw at one time .

Fast digital, automatic/manual electronic balance

Phase / non-amplitude, square frame and sector frame, alarm mode to meet your testing needs

Digital Filtering: High-pass frequency (0Hz ~ 2000Hz), low-pass frequency (0Hz ~ 2000Hz)

USB 2.0 (Host) connection for testing data output

Eddy current testing signal playback, analysis, storage, printing function

Operating System: Linux  2.6 

Operating Language: Chinese, English

Online hotkey graphics ,text help.

The built-in rechargeable of lithium battery : 8000mah

Size: 210 MM x 130 MM x 90 MM

Weight : 1.0KG



Used for the detection of metallic spare part, tubes and pipes , welding seam and corrosion.