SIE Industrial video endoscope

SIE Industrial video endoscope

COBE, in 2016 launched a new series of SIE ultra clear video endoscope ,with the function of 1 million pixels, 8 inch touch screen, five brightness level manual adjustment, 360°electromagnetic rocker control, lock and fine tuning, screen flip etc.. Perfect quality, good price , allowing you to enjoy the experience of “clear, convenient, stable”.


Product Features:

1. Excellent image quality: 8 inch touch screen, 1 million pixel, to ensure accurate detection of small defects; micro CMOS image sensing system is the world's leading micro image processing technology, imported sapphire glass lens package, highlighting LED packaging head illumination of 20000lux, is 200 times the indoor daylight lamp illumination.

2. Perfect control: Holzer electric rocker control structure, 360° arbitrary orientation probe,≥160°bending angle, excellent flexibility, omnidirectional without dead angle. The insert tube can be controlled freely by using hand-held controller,the end probe can be quickly and accurately inserted into the narrow and complex object interior for inspection.

3. Insert tube: The insert tube is made of four layers of tungsten wire braided protective sleeves - high-density tungsten wire, which enhances the wear resistance and durability of the inserted pipe and ensures reliable inspection of the metal on the casting or other rough surface.

4. Simple operation: WINDOWS interface, all the menus are displayed in the simple icon, quick and intuitive menu recognition and effective operation of the required function; picture taking, video, brightness adjustment, locking and fine tuning, tube bending / rotation and other functions can be accessed quickly through the handle.

5. Portability: the body is compact and lightweight, equipped with portable and strap design, easy to carry

6. Data sharing: USB, large capacity SD card, VGA interface (can be connected to large screen display), easy for many people to analyze together