Gantry Ultrasonic testing and eddy current testing system

Gantry Ultrasonic testing and eddy current testing system

System Introduction

This off-line ultrasonic testing system can be used for big size tube testing ,with high flexible, high system stability characteristics.

Step : Work piece will be neatly put onto the platform; Work pieces will be put onto the orbit by the mechanical hand ,and then the workpiece willl move to the testing area, then pipe rotated ,probes move right and left ; When find defects, the instrument will automatic alarm, at the same time it will display the flaw signal; record and analyse the test results , automatic sort the qualified and unqualified, and then finish the detection

Testing object: seamless pipe , steel bar

Testing material : Carbon steel , stainless steel,copper, aluminium, titanium and different kinds of non-ferrous and ferrous metals

Testing speed : 0-20m/min

Testing model : Pipe rotated ,probes move and scan right and left


1. The workpiece rotated at one place , can reduce the shake ,and the moving speed of the probe holder can be adjustment , so it is better to control the testing quality .

2. Can be applied to a variety of specifications of the size of the workpiece ultrasonic testing