Off-line eddy current testing system

Off-line eddy current testing system


This off-line eddy current detecting equipment is used in high accuracy flaw testing for workpiece that already be finished.

Automatic testing procedure: Using up-loading system, via roller way, the workpiece was sent to the eddy current detecting area, through magnetic saturation, probe, and demagnetization device, finally the off-loading system. Meantime it can automatically alarm, mark, sort according to the testing result.


Tested object: tube, bar, profiled bar

Tested material: carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminium, titanium etc. different kinds of nonferrous and ferrous metals.

Testing speed: 0-100m/min

Testing mode: off-line flaw detecting

Automatic up-loading parts

ET testing parts

Automatic off-loading and sorting parts



1.High testing speed.

2. Instruments and mechanical system are completely designed and produced by COBE company, with high stability and accuracy.