COBE-UTP02 Digital Portable Ultrasonic flaw detector

COBE-UTP02 Digital Portable Ultrasonic flaw detector

COBE-UTP02 adopt to embedded computer system and the giant size of the programmable integrated circuit design, make all the good performance of the large ultrasound equipment down to a very little space; The up to 62db flaw detection surplus sensitivity can meet the different kinds of testing needs; The latest color TFT LCD display can bring you the best of visual effects and visual enjoyment.



 Notebook palm structure, elegant and generous

 American Welding Society Standard AWS D1.1/D1.5

 The use of high-brightness color screen, even in bright daylight can also be a clear instrument display, suitable for a variety of environmental practices

 Automatic testing of the probe frequency and automatic optimizing of the wave width to achieve best math of the probe and the instrument

 Visualized thickness alarm and continuous testing wave storage function with various waves testing modes.

 Automatic measurement apparatus indicators and automatic peak search function.

 Various detecting standards for your choice

 Can store up to 1000 waveforms and the corresponding parameters

 Automatically generates the DAC curves with no restriction towards the sampling points.

 Distance compensation and valve wave amplification function for better resolution


Main Technical Data

Detection range

(0 ~ 6000) mm ,Min display range is 0.1mm

Working frequency

(0.3 ~ 20) MHz,sub-broadband ,narrow-band two tranches

Echo Rating

sound path, horizontal distance, vertical distance, amplitude, dB difference


0 - 110dB,  points 0.5 / 2/ 6 /12 step for choice

Testing wave modes

positive, negative, two-way ,radio frequency (RF)

Monitoring Gate

two independent measurement gates

Vertical linear error


Horizontal linear error

≤ 0.1%

Surplus Sensitivity

≥ 60dB, (deep 200mm Ф2 flat bottom hole)

Probe type

straight probe, angle probe, double crystal probe, penetration probe